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    Cameron Thomson

  • Date of birth
  • Height
    5ft 9"
  • Weight
    78 Kg

Why did you start cycling?
I started cycling because my dad got a road bike and I wanted to go out on rides with him (I was a bit to slow sadly) so we went looking for a local youth club. We then found palmer park velo (PPV) a youth club in reading, soon after a few sessions there on my new road bike one of the coaches suggested I tried riding on a track bike, turns out I was quite good. I was never good at endurance so naturally lead towards sprinting and absolutely loved it.

What is your favourite training session?
My favourite training is being in the gym doing squats or deadlifting as much as I can (but of corse with proper form and being sensible).

Spin to win or big gear monster?
I'm somewhere in the middle as I can spin and have the power however as I've been lifting more in the gym ive been using bigger gears.

Favourite food.
My favourite food is chocolate and biscuits so I have to watch what I eat.

Best advice?
Success isn't given, its earned. You get back what you put in!

Latest Results

03 August 2016

Junior National Champs - Keirin - Derby Velodrome

02 August 2016

Junior National Champs - Match Sprint - Derby Velodrome

01 August 2016

Junior National Champs - Kilometre Time Trial - Derby Velodrome

23 July 2016

Full Gas Mid Summer Event - Match Sprint - Lee Valley Velo Park

25 March 2016

Good Friday Meeting - White Hope Sprint - Lee Valley Velopark