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    Miles Annon

  • Date of birth
    21st May 1987
  • Height
    5ft 8"
  • Weight

Why did you start cycling?
I've loved bikes all my life, however, after watching track cycling at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 I had a bee in my bonnet to start riding fast. Found my local velodrome and was instantly hooked.

What is your favourite training session?
Half lap standing starts. Exploding and trying to get everything out in 125m. What a feeling.

Spin to win or big gear monster?
Somewhere in between.

Favourite food.
PIZZA!! as a treat, Honest.

Best advice?
Get fitter to go faster.

Latest Results

29 November 2016

Full gas Special Event - Match Sprint - Lee Valley Velopark

12 November 2016

Newport GP - Match Sprint - Newport Velodrome, Wales

27 August 2016

Herne Hill Sprint League - Match Sprint - Herne Hill Velodrome

23 July 2016

Full Gas Mid Summer Event - Match Sprint - Lee Valley Velo Park

19 June 2016

Brixton Supermad - Match Sprint - Herne Hill