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    Ryan Owens

  • Date of birth
    29th September 1995
  • Height
    5ft 8"
  • Weight
    80 kg

Why did you start cycling?
Cycling and racing has been a massive part of my family for 3 generations so it was only natural that I would follow suit. I was never pushed into it but with cycling all around I soon took an interest and started out at the age of 13 at my local track league in Welwyn.

What is your favourite training session?
Standing starts. It's always been my biggest strength and I really enjoy the sessions. It's a total maximal effort and it's really satisfying to be able to apply all of your power.

Spin to win or big gear monster?
I sit in the middle here. I've been comfortable spinning in the past but in pursuit of faster times have started to gear up.

Favourite food.
I chain-eat CNP Lemon Meringue protein Flapjacks at an alarming rate.

Best advice?
Don't cut corners, every minimal gain can add up to shave tenths!

Latest Results

23 January 2016

Revolution Series 6 - Longest Lap - Manchester Velodrome

23 January 2016

Revolution 6 - Match Sprint - Manchester Velodrome

02 January 2016

Revolution Series 5 - Keirin - Manchester Velodrome

02 January 2016

Revolution Series 5 - Longest Lap - Manchester Velodrome

02 January 2016

Revolution Series 5 - Match Sprint - Manchester Velodrome